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Exclusive design

Our company is always ready respond to the demands of our customers about accordance with their personal vision of overall interior of each Hotel, Restaurant or Bar. It means that one of the key requests - is a visual combination of our product with the general interior of your establishment. That is why we are always ready and adjust to any demands. And ready to adorn it in a way which is required for each certain situation, or the just in accordance with general interior of your venue.

The advantage of working with NU AIR is in its top level quality of customer service. Highly trained personnel is always ready to help you to widen the range of the services provided in your venue. You can apply for the shisha outsourcing via e-mail or you can contact us directly via phone.

Shisha Sommelier

Tea Sommelier

Tea catering is a unique service provided by NU AIR Company, we are the one who can change you understanding of what tea is. So don’t hesitate to send all inquiries regarding Teas Service via e-mail or you can contact us directly via phone.